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JAMES BOND Gifts, Collectibles and Merchandise in Canada!

James Bond, also known as '007' (pronounced 'double-oh seven'), is a fictional British agent created in 1952 by writer Ian Fleming, featured in 12 novels, 2 anthologies, and a film series. After Fleming's death in 1964, subsequent James Bond novels were written by various other authors. Moreover, Christopher Wood novelized 2 screenplays, while other writers have authored unofficial versions of the character. Initially famed through the best-selling novels, James Bond is now best known for the EON Productions film series, 21 of which have been made as of 2007. Bond typically holds code number '007,' the 'double-0' prefix indicating his discretionary license to kill in the performance of his duties. In the films, he is famous for his debonair style, introducing himself as 'Bond, James Bond' whenever the opportunity arises, and for ordering his vodka martinis 'shaken, not stirred.'